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Welcome to BCGroup marketing research!

BCGroup provides all types of ad-hoc research: marketing and sociological surveys, interviews, focus-groups in 146 countries.

Our main principles:
• high level of transparency
• no subcontracting: we have our own fieldwork platforms and analytics
• all our surveys can be tracked online in personal account
• free fast analysis in personal account for all our clients
• NDA for each project
• we are always ready to provide free test for you

World markets are fast developing markets due to new technologies, ideas, possibilities nowadays. Some countries prefer imported products, others concentrate on domestic manufacturers development. Some markets infrastructure should be modernized, which in its turn requires significant financial investment. All the countries continue to undergo political, economic and social changes caused by development of market relations. To that effect the marketing component of any market access can differ from the average indicators. That is why it's important to make marketing research and track your brand or company's indicators such as:

  1. brand awareness (top-of-mind, unaided call, aided call), brand health research;
  2. market share;
  3. market capacity;
  4. customer satisfaction and loyalty indexes NPS/ CSI/ Servqual;
  5. target audience research and tendences;
  6. usage and attitude etc.

We’ll be glad to help you to research any world market: CIS, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, Asia.
In case you have query or questions please contact us:

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